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Citidorm Manila Blumentritt Ladies Dormi


  1. Where and what is Citidorm? Citidorm managed by Pacific Land is located in 1848 Blumentritt Cor. Leonor Rivera St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, and is within proximity to Chinese General Hospital and LRT 1 -Blumentritt Station. Citidorm is a three-story residential dormitory exclusive for female students and professionals. 

  2. Why should we consider Citidorm? Citidorm Bluementritt is accessible, exclusive, and affordable. It is just a five-minute walk from LRT Blumentritt Station or Chinese General Hospital. An accessible bank and ATM are also available within the building. It's an exclusive dormitory for women that aims to provide comfortable and quality living spaces near Blumentritt area. It is equipped with 24/7 security and CCTV to keep you safe and at peace. One of the best value for money quality living spaces near Chinese General Hospital. The units are inclusive of Air Condition Unit and WiFi and there are no additional charges for water bills.

  3. How much per room? It depends. We have rooms ranging from Php 3,300 to Php 6,300. All room rates are inclusive of water bills. Check our room options here or schedule a visit for more details

  4. What are the payment terms?  We require one month advance and two months security deposit. More information can be discussed during your visit. 

  5. Can we wash our clothes inside the building? Yes, you can wash your clothes in a shared bathroom. Laundry shops are also available near the building.

  6. Do we have to pay for water bills? No, water bills are part of your monthly fees. 

  7. Can my friends or family visit? Yes, visitors have to log in with the lobby guard but are only allowed to stay until 8 pm. The overnight rate fee is Php 300.  

  8. Can I cook inside? Yes, you can cook inside the shared kitchen - just make sure to bring your electric stove. 

  9. Do we have to pay extra for WiFi? No

  10. Can I bring appliances like a refrigerator, TV, and the likes? Yes, you may bring your own appliances.

  11. I want to visit and check the place. Can I just walk-in? Feel free to drop by or call  (02) 8782-0156. Mondays to Fridays - 9 am to 5 pm or Saturdays - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. 


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